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The concept of sustainability can be nearly as difficult to define or quantify as anything else out there.  What exactly does the term mean and how do you know your company is achieving it?  At COS, we define and help organizations realize sustainability by categorizing their environments into three buckets.  We call these the “P” Buckets:

People—The most important element of every company.  It is also the most expensive bucket of the three P’s.  Being able to get the most productivity out of your people, while maintaining optimum efficiency, yields sustainability in this category.  We are all tasked to do more with less.  The balancing act of when to add headcount and when to advance, creates the liquid state of this bucket.  

Profit—The outcome of all your company’s efforts.  Think of your organization as an assembly line, the finished product is profit.  Strict evaluation of processes, equipment, facilities, and structure help drive this category higher, as well as position it for long-term success.  Furthermore, one must invest money to make money.  This P bucket is the lifeblood of change.

Planet—The most well-known of all the P buckets, and the most difficult to define.  Many companies see the push to adopt sustainability practices in this bucket as superfluous.  The primary reason for that is it typically requires investment.  Only when sound research and evaluation is completed, will focus to planet initiatives pay off as originally intended.

Our assessment process addresses all of these buckets.  We study how things get done, who is involved, what does it cost, and how can we make it better and cleaner.  The impact to your organization is a long-term, sustainable strategy for the next phase of real business.

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